Fundraising counsel as unique as you!

One of a kind.

That’s your mission, unique among every other nonprofit in the world.

How you deliver your program, where you are, who is on your staff… all make you different, with a different culture, and a different approach to exactly what you do. That’s why you need a tailored approach to fundraising.

That’s why you deserve S. Friedman Associates.

S. Friedman Associates thrives on funding your mission by bringing you fundraising advice, planning and implementation as unique as your organization.

Are you the Best Client for S. Friedman Associates?

  • Do you want a fresh perspective… informed by best practices, not bound by them?
  • Do you appreciate the breadth of knowledge that 25 years of experience brings?
  • Do you want thoughtful advice from someone who gets to know you and your culture?
  • Do you need someone who brings out the best in you and your staff?

S. Friedman Associates only takes a limited number of clients — each of which must be committed to their own success — looking for a partner in change to guide them to success they only dreamed of achieving.

Will you be that organization? Page through our website to find out…

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